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True to the meaning of her name, Stylist has truly mastered a writing style all her own effortlessly transcending across all mediums. In the beginning, her love for words were sparked by a mural of Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise” on a local store wall in her not so safe uptown neighborhood. It was the first time words came together to soothe her fears and strengthen her soul. That day she started writing with no intention of ever stopping.


Today, the award winning writer has written 1 self help book, 4 Children’s books, 4 stage plays, and countless songs, poems, articles, and more. She also works as a freelance writer writing cover stories for digital and print magazines. Currently Stylist is working on the completion of her first novel, “The Takeover” inspired by her stage play baring the same title. She is also shopping around her screenplay “Like Family”, finalizing her motivational book “Defining YOU”, and continuously writing diverse children’s books. 


Whether she’s writing song lyrics or a television script, Stylist aims to give voice to the voiceless and representation to the under represented one project at a time.

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