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Stylist B.'s mission is to strengthen families and communities through increased literacy. She is committed to making children and adults aware that there is more diversity available in kids literature that features minority characters, educates on different cultures, introduces travel, landmarks and various modes of transportation. Stylist believes we must fill the void for both minorities and majorities in order to aid in healing, understanding, valuing, confidence and respect. Our kids deserve to see themselves, but equally as important they deserve to be seen in a positive light through accurate representation.




We understand the need for interesting children’s books and the lack of diversity in kids’ literature. We acknowledge the desire to increase literacy skills and build stronger family bonds and partnerships within our communities. We also recognize the unique opportunity to provide diverse literature that entertains, educates and inspires as well as a service that aids in increasing literacy skills and strengthening families and communities. The challenges our schools and communities face are prevalent all around the country. We believe that the education system is in a continuous stage of growth and development and that we are uniquely positioned to successfully aid in servicing our community.

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