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Songwriter | Rapper | Lover of Lyrics
The first thing Stylist ever wrote was song lyrics. Sitting in her grandmother's living room her and her cousin would come up with lyrics and rhymes to poke fun at some of the hardships they had experience at such a young age. It made them laugh and smile. But for Stylist, it also offered a healing she couldn't explain. It allowed her to escape reality. As an adult, Stylist began to have an appreciation for various music styles and genres. Writing allowed her the freedom to do whatever music was in her heart at that time without limitation. For that reason, Stylist continues to write whatever she feels creating lyrics for radio shows, television, up and coming artists, stage plays and so on. To date, her music has been featured in various cities and states, across different mediums, and within various festivals such as Jazz Fest, Soul Fest, River Jam Festival, Rock N Soul Fest, and Voodoo Fest to name a few. She is also a part of a writing collective stationed in Oklahoma City. Occasionally, she will lend her voice to a project she has written on as well.  Stylist welcomes opportunities to collaborate with great artists to create profound music.  

Romantic Tragedies 

Performed by Nicole Lovince

Co-Written By Nicole Lovince & Stylist B.

Havilah's Corner Theme Song

Havilah's Corner Theme Song

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