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See what everyone is saying about these MUST HAVE Children’s Books!! They have received rave reviews and are highly suggested among a number of daycare and elementary school teachers. … WHY??



Why these books for ALL little readers & soon-to-be readers:

  • Colorful, vibrant, detailed illustrations grab the attention of readers and non-readers alike sparking an early love for literature, imagination and creativity.

  • Cleverly educational, children adore reading along and enjoying J.R.’s trip. In the process, they learn about landmarks in different cities and states, various modes of transportation, as well as vocabulary and rhyming words.

  • Story telling images assist and encourage non-readers in learning how to read and comprehend while fostering readers to continue to blossom, reading and learning new words.

  • The series will continue to grow and evolve along with its fan base, increasing vocabulary and dialogue and soon introducing critical thinking and problem solving skills via depictions of various scenarios and outcomes.



For Little Boys:

  • Statistically, boys more commonly fall behind girls in language arts subjects like reading and writing. Many books cater to little girls featuring numerous Princess Stories. Creating a male main character assists in getting little boys excited about reading early in efforts to help bridge the grade and educational gap.   

  • Little boys are affirmed, enticing them to confidently read all about J.R. and his travels.  



For Minority Little Boys:

  • Minority kids need to see themselves represented NOW! A major problem facing many minorities is rampant SELF HATE as a result of not seeing their value and beauty commonly displayed in society or in the media. It not only affects them but their counterpart majority peers as well. Lack of exposure and acceptance of something different leads to the devaluing of it simply because it is different and underrepresented.

  • Accurate and Diverse representation of minorities. J.R. series will be the first of many children’s books representing the style, look and physical embodiment of minority kids. Young kids are becoming more stylish and expressive. Little boys alone are sporting various looks like curly bushes, braids, fades, Mohawks, afros and so on. They should be able to see themselves in their literature, on their televisions and so on.



For school visits by author, book readings, calendar of events, book writing workshops, and more call Arts & Kids Lit Advocate Stylist B. @ (504)237-2464

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