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Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Stylist B. has always been exposed to different cultures and art forms. At a very early age, the Big Easy Theater Award Nominee had a way with words. She started writing as soon as she learned to formulate the alphabets and she hasn't put the pen down since.


Stylist had her first poem published in fifth grade. In middle school, she worked on the school’s news show creating and performing the theme song as well as writing the script for the show and working as one of the news anchors. In college, Stylist found a new appreciation for poetry after being introduced to the art of Spoken word. She fell in love with performance and its ability to breathe life into her thoughts and words on stage.


Since, she has performed at numerous events. She’s also acted within various stage plays such as Ain’t No Sunshine When He’s Home (Global South Productions), The Skin of Our Teeth (Cripple Creek Theatre), Why Wait (Him-N-Me Productions), Baduizms/The Unacquainted/N.O. Soul (Keen Amity), Laugh, Cry, Scream & Shout (Academic Theatre) and The Takeover/The Moments that Shape us/No Filter (B. Talent Inc).


Her fascination with acting and performing continued to grow as she traveled across the US performing in everything from Music Concerts, Spoken Word Showcases, Television shows, Short Films, Stage Plays and Movies. With such a wide range of performances under her belt, she wanted to mirror her writing career in the same manner.


Consequently, Stylist began writing for a music show she co-hosted called On the Set. She also joined the BreakThru Media team working with them within their Magazine and Radio show as an on air personality and writer. She scripted the intro and format for BreakThru Media Radio Show and became a freelance writer for their magazine. While writing monthly columns and cover stories on thriving business persons and entertainers, Stylist continued writing her own projects as well. Her writing allowed her to break into various mediums affording her opportunities to work with musicians, rappers, singers, choreographers, directors, producers, actors, other writers, business owners and so on.


Stylist has experience writing everything from product reviews, to articles, song lyrics, to sitcoms, short films, to features, web series, to pilots, novels, books, stage plays and poetry. Her list of achievements include: partnering with NOMAI (New Orleans Media Arts Institute), becoming project coordinator for NOPP (the New Orleans People Project), co-founding The Standard New Orleans (a performance and teaching collective), starting an educational/arts assistant business, working with LOPA training department as an actor, being awarded at the Ambies 2009 and 2010 for Best Original Work, being a 2012 Big Easy Theater Award Nominee, being a 2014 Classical Arts nominee for an outstanding contemporary dance presentation, singing background vocals for key bands and artists in New Orleans, writing songs for new up and coming artists, writing music featured at Jazz Fest and Voodoo fest 2013 & 2014, as well as doing regular motivational speaking performances. Additionally, she has created choreography for numerous fundraiser performances and stage plays, acted in movies, commercials, and stage-plays, as well as wrote various stage-plays and co-wrote a book/play titled “Laugh, Cry, Scream, and Shout" which was published in 2009/2010. In 2015, Stylist wrote the first of her children’s book travel series “J.R.’s First Trip to … New York!” which was published March of 2016. That book was followed by “J.R.’s First Trip to … New Orleans!” which was published November 2016. Branching out from the travel series, she wrote New Look Same Me published December 2017. Currently, Stylist is  bi-coastal residing part time in both Los Angeles, CA and New Orleans, LA. An advocate for the arts and diversity in kids’ literature, Stylist hopes to continue to elevate her writing/acting career to larger audiences, bigger screens and major networks providing representation for the underrepresented.


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